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[Illegibilus] Karl Von Fritz by heavensea [Illegibilus] Karl Von Fritz by heavensea


7th year Karl app... tears up at his miserable face... final year o(~<
old app here...


House Cup Trophy by row1000 House Points by row Blood Moon Badge by row Finis Badge by row QWC Badge by row


• Name: Karl Von Fritz

• Age: 17 

• Gender:  Male

• Height: 187cm

• Weight:  85kg

• Birthday: May 29th

• Nationality: Irish ( Ethnicity: German-Irish )

• House: Ravenclaw

• Year: 7th


In a quick glance, Karl can be seen as a typical serious, studious and skilled Ravenclaw student. His eyebrows are sharply arched like a hook, which is a shared trait among the Von Fritz (he jokingly calls it "The Von Fritz Eyebrows"). This gives Karl an intimidating and demanding look even though he doesn't mean it. However, once you go beyond his looks and pay attention to his traits, Karl is actually a laidback and friendly person. Despite his overly friendly and talkative mouth, he seems to be quite the private person, rarely sharing personal things to people he feels he could confide with.

Albeit manifesting traits of a very skillful wizard, his interest lies in less important things and pranks. He is also a keen observer; however, he used to pay attention to trivial and awkward matters instead of putting his senses into good use.

Given the following traits, it wouldn't mean that Karl has no sense of priority. Despite being less than serious for most of the time, he has a strong sense of duty and will eagerly respond at times when he is needed.

Recently though, Karl's depression has taken a toll on his general personality albeit tentatively. He seems to be highly irritable and couldn't quite accommodate jokes like he used to. Although still approachable and sensible to talk to, there are certain words that easily puts him off the mood. He also developed a tendency to utilize his fiercest asset, the signature eyebrows, to throw off any conversation which he wouldn't want to entertain at the meantime. 


The Von Fritz lineage originally came from Germany. However, Karlineas Von Fritz has met a woman  in the Southern Coast of County Kerry. After quite some time, they got married and settled in Ireland permanently because the woman owned a huge farm. The farm ownership has been a family  heritage ever since.

Karl was the fifth descendant of the Von Fritz and born from a normal household. He began showing  great aptitude in wizardry at the age of 9. His grandfather was not on good terms with his father because his father fell in love with the peace of muggle life and became a district lawyer in London, completely abandoning wizardry. Since then, his mom and his grandfather have been the ones who supervised his wizardry training. At age eleven, he received an invitation to attend the Hogwarts School of Wizardry. He was sorted into Ravenclaw by the Sorting Hat, much to the pride of his family.

His first and second years were relatively uneventful. He refrained from doing anything that will get him in the spotlight. Karl's professors have noticed his talent especially with Charms, but Karl only truly rose to their expectations on his third year. He began to be at least more participative with campus events and even joined the Quidditch team. On his fourth year, he fell in love with a friend hailing from the house of Gryffindor but was greatly discouraged by the aggressive inquisition and immediate assumption of marriage by his family members about the girl, causing him to drop his pursuit. Falling into depression and haunted by countless painful memories, he left the Quidditch team before the Winter match and focused on his academics instead which dragged on to his fifth year, utilizing his talents and wit into their optimum potential.

His academic vigor fell short on his sixth year, claiming he'd rather grow potatoes on his feet rather than to achieve being "best". It might be primarily caused by his bitterness towards his grandfather, who doesn't only ignore his efforts but also criticize him harshly due to his grandfather's biased favor on his cousin Welner. His mediocre performance bit him back though, with recent happenings making him utterly useless, helpless and burdensome. He might not say it openly but he shares a deep guilt for Professor Desmarais untimely passing, he's good to mask his bitterness and sorrow with his comical façade after all. 

His mishaps and shameful acts reached the Von Fritz household not long after the transpiration of events. Faced with his mother's fiendish rage and his grandfather's acrimonious scolding, Karl was spared no option by his family to disagree with Aunt Wilhelmina's offer to put him under her special training. His hellish training under the wicked witch auror bore tremendous fruits but he still thinks what he went through was not worth it and refuses to disclose anything about it.

Events from the Quidditch World Cup made the seemingly inseparable cousins fall apart due to a grave misunderstanding and a broken promise. The given circumstances paved no time for Welner to explain things which left Karl to completely misunderstand things and think that Welner broke his promise he did not only swore to him but also to... her. These made Karl bitter and depressed, changing him into someone closed-off and stern.

Before the start of the next school year, Karl received a mysterious parcel which contained the latest broomstick model, Infinity Mark III. Receiving this gift made him think twice of going back to the Quidditch team...    

The Von Fritz family is very strict on carrying on the family name to generations. Therefore, it is required to have at least one son in every family. Karl's father happened to be the 8th child and the only son of Karl's grandparents, earning him seven aunts on his father's side. The thought frightens Karl since he is the only son of the household. He always feels uneasy and awkward when reminded of his duties.


Great Great Grandfather: Karlineas Von Fritz (Pureblood , Deceased: died at age 90)

Great Great Grandmother: Arwynna Von Fritz (Pureblood, Deceased: died at age 92)

Grandfather: Kardin Finnigan Von Fritz (Pureblood, 73)

Father: Karolus Reid Von Fritz (Pureblood, 46)

Mother: Asphodelia Lei Von Fritz (Pureblood, 45)

Third Degree Uncle: Niall Gainer (Pureblood)

Third Degree Aunt: Wilhelmina Ingrid Gainer (Pureblood)

Third Degree Cousins:

Welner Gainer (Pureblood, 17)

Danielle Gainer (Pureblood, 14)



+ Confections sold at Honeydukes

+ Singing

+ Watching awkward situations of other people

+ Charms

- Mythical Beings

- Talking about the Von Fritz customs and traditions

- Unproductive afternoons



Care of Magical Creatures




Ancient Studies
Frog Choir


Deprimo - [ Deprimo ]

  • Creates a powerful, focused wind originating from the wand - at close range, it can be used to blast through things.

Expulso - [ Expulso ]

  • Causes anything the spell strikes to explode, often with a significant degree of concussive force.

Body-Binding Curse [ Petrificus Totalus ]

  • A curse that completely, but temporarily, paralyzes the victim.

Patronus Charm [ Expecto Patronum ]

  • Summons a patronus from the caster's wand. He is good at producing the initial silver mist type patronus but not the actual corporeal one. 

    Which is really, he can show what his patronus is, but not like he can do anything with it. He probably wanted to learn this skill just to impress his grandfather.

Ventus Jinx [ Ventus ]

  • A strong blast of wind is shot from the end of the wand, used to push objects out of the way.

Disarming Charm - [ Expelliarmus ]

  • Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully.

Assaulting Hex - [ Oppugno ]

  • Causes conjured objects or creatures to attack a victim.



Core: Dragon Heartstring

Length: 9 ½"

Wood: Red Oak

Flexibility: Hard 


  • Finally resolved his gramps issues so no more annual post test. Yay.
  • He attracts mythical beings despite his obvious fear for these creatures. This causes him to almost faint in fear and possibly reduced to pleading for his life whenever a mythical creature approaches him.
  • His patronus is an arctic fox (don't ask him what it says, he doesn't know either)
  • Enjoys muggle music and singing them. A LOT. His favorite types of music are love songs and pop music. Lately, he joined the Frog Choir to put his talent to use. He isn't very esteemed with himself although he sings really good so you'll most likely catch him singing choir songs in the open rather than his preferred songs.
  • He is undoubtedly proficient in Charms. His skills go on par with an adult wizard. His weakness is Care of Magical Creatures due to his fear. Friends would tell him to choose another elective but he is determined to conquer his fear and stays in the same class every year (to which he faints in 24/7…)
  • He played as Seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team during his third year and earned the nickname "The Blue Snitch" due to his unusual flying maneuver which includes sharp turns (and reckless speed transitions), something only skilled fliers can do. He switched to Chaser the following year before quitting the team.
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